The International Alfa Romeo 164 Cloverleaf Register

Books and Brochures

These books, brochures and magazines are either purely about the 164 Cloverleaf (or Q4 & S), or have specific sections devoted to those models. If you have any other relevant sources, please share them with the rest of the register.

Alfa 164, by Bruno Alfieri. ISBN 88-85058-82-5, Published by Automobilia

A detailed review of the 164 from design to production.

12v engines only, and does not include original Cloverleaf model, however, a useful reference.

Technical details and many pictures/drawings.

Out of print now, but you may get one from David Thomas Motoring Books.

Alfa Romeo 164. Published by Transport Source Books. Compiled by Trevor Alder.

Comprehensive collection of articles from UK motoring journals and magazines.

Includes original test of 12v Cloverleaf (July 1990), comparison test with Citroen XM V6.24 (unfair), two pages on 24v introduction (October 1992), and two pages on Q4 (December 1993).

Black and white pictures only.

Still in print as far as I know.

164 Green Cloverleaf Sales Brochure.

The genuine artical. Original 12v version.

Limited numbers available from David Thomas Motoring Books.

Auto Italia, Issue Number 1, March 1995

164 24v Cloverleaf track test.

Full test report by Roberto Giordanelli, on a wet Goodwood circuit. IssueNo longer available, I'm afraid, so it's down to the auto jumbles, e-bay etc, or give David Thomas a ring - he may be able to get you one.

Auto Italia, Issue Number 49, September 2000

164 Buyers Guide by Ed McDonough, including Cloverleaf variant (the pictures are The Beast - no credits given though). Still available from Auto Italia. Go to Auto Italia web site and look under back issues.